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Client Comments

I have to tell I am totally happy with your corrections, it’s a great job… you get me… that’s all THANKS!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I know I’m repeating myself, but it’s such a great job!

~Anonymous, screenwriter (action road trip feature film script ghostwritten line edit)

“H. is one of those writers you pray for… She is first a GREAT writer who listens to notes and delivers fast, concise results. And last she brings her uniqueness to the job which helps you clarify different voices in your writing. I would hire H. in no time for additional jobs.”

~Phil Wurtzel, writer/director (feature film script deep polish)

Your edit continues to amaze and delight me. I worked till late last night and hope to finish it today. If I haven’t said it lately, I’ll say it again, you are amazing! I greatly appreciate the work and care you put into it, it’s greatly benefiting the book. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

~Dermot Davis, author, award-winning Irish playwright and screenwriter (novel edit)

“H is a pleasure to work with, she is concise, works quickly and is a consummate professional — highly collaborative, she has the unique and rare ability to provide honest, creative insight and input and at the same time is completely receptive to story notes and creative feedback. In short… she rocks!”

~Bruce Dear (

AlgrathI was delighted to write a historical epic screenplay, “Amazing Grace,” for Bruce Dear and well as edit his magical tale for children (Algrath the Family Tree). The story of an ancient talking tree, set against the backdrop of an enchanted wood and a 500-year-old mansion, the book teaches two children the true meaning of gift giving and friendship. The book is a labor of love and the first in a series of books for children dedicated to teaching empowerment through nature, self-discovery, and storytelling.


“I hired H. to edit my first book manuscript. She did what every writer would ideally like in an editor: namely to have gotten Brownsteininside my head and material like I would have, and made choices I would have made if I’d been able to get the clarity. Her changes and fixes were completely in alignment with my words and thoughts, and I couldn’t tell whether the fixes she made were hers or mine. H. Raven works with complete and total integrity, devotion and creativity. I give her the highest possible recommendation.

~David Brownstein, Executive Coach, Hollywood Coaching, has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Self Magazine, and Vogue. His clients include creatives and executives from ABC, NBC, CBS, Sony, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, HBO, E! Entertainment, Bravo, MTV, ICM, William Morris Agency and the BBC.

CamposBook1v1-208x300“I just got the book!! It’s AMAZING AMAZING GOOD!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT!!! THANKS, A LOT!!!!”

~Claudia Campos, stylist, “beauty expert,” workshop facilitator, cosmetology trainer and author of “How to be a Wildly Successful Hairstylist” and “Natural, Beautiful & Curly: Hairstyles and Hair Care for Black and Biracial Children.”

I edited Claudia’s original non-fiction content into a fictionalized story which would share Claudia’s expert knowledge, of how to become a wildly successful hairstylist, in the most entertaining way possible. Claudia knew this book was necessary to establish her as an expert, help her build her business as a workshop facilitator training new hairstylists, and create an additional stream of income. She chose a girly conversational tone for the book, meant to be similar in style to Gossip Girl.NaturalBeautifulCurly

Happily, like many clients, Claudia came back when she wanted to create a second book. A few months after her first book was released, we turned her new concept into a hair care book for children with curly, kinky or wavy hair. In addition to working with her manuscript, and readying it for a printer who would do small print runs, I helped her obtain an ISBN and collaborate with a cover designer. Claudia has been selling books, at workshops and seminars, since her first order shipped.


H. is a great editor.”

~Ruth Klein,  nationally renowned consultant, author, speaker, and coach (clients include Solo-Entrepreneurs, “Corporate Entrepreneurs” ™ and Fortune 500 companies).

deSTRESSdivaThe four mini book proposals and author bio (biography) that I wrote for Ruth helped her 1) re-sell a book whose rights had reverted to her, 2) get a new agent and 3) sell one of her new book concepts, The De-Stress Diva’s Guide to Life, to Wiley. Ruth is one of the numerous clients who got a positive response to pitch documents which I wrote. Other client query letters and book proposals, that I wrote and/or edited (after they had no luck with their own version), have led to book proposal or manuscript requests and have resulted in representation offers or, ultimately, sales.

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