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…best-selling Bugocalypse: La Cucaracha Vol. 1.

A new breed of post-apocalyptic fiction, Bugocalypse follows the graphic escape-from-LA journey of wannabe-actress Lacey. She transforms from babe to bad-ass when she must fight for her life to survive after humanity undergoes alien invasion from the DNA-level.

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Can wannabe actress Lacey survive an alien invasion and escape LA?

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Monstrous snails invade Miami and only one U.S. Marine can stop them!

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Two bumbling ETs accidentally set up earth for total annihilation.

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What Readers Say

Some authors have an uncanny knack for writing the dark and disturbed. H. Raven Rose is one of those authors. At the very opening of Dark Eros you want to clutch a can of mace, or a small 9mm handgun, before you continue going down this dark path. The characters are what stood out for me in Dark Eros. H. Raven Rose painted each one with layers that were real and not forced. As one of the characters states in the story: “people are complicated.”

I don’t believe in psychics. But I believe in this book. I could not put it down. I was rooting for George the whole time. Strong characters with some surprises in the plot lines. This is a must read.

Just finished Bugocalypse. Nearly passed it up; I’ve had my fill of dystopias. Realized it isn’t a mysterious virus, zombies or vampires/werewolves, so I got it. IT IS TERRIFIC! The plot is fresh and fascinating, the hero(ine) is believable, admirable, and funny, and the dialogue is realistic. And the menace! I didn’t think anyone could revive the creepy crawlies after what the movies did to them in the 1950’s (I’m 80 years old, man; I watched those things), but H. Raven Rose has reinvented the genre, and done it just right. Get it, read it, get the sequels, and enjoy!

From the quote at the very start of this book to the very last line I had a smile on my face. Simply put: This book is hilarious. The story is engaging, humorous and well written. The on-going dialogue between the main characters N & his clone N2 is simply superb, I can only imagine the authors had a blast writing it. The underlying themes in the book are thoughtful and brilliantly interlaced with humor. I especially liked the portrayal of humans, which is both familiar and introspective. A great novel worthy of five stars.

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About Author H. Raven Rose

H. Raven Rose bleeds ink. Once upon a time, an incredibly dreamy and shy child lived in her imagination in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia in North Georgia. Books, games, TV, and films, were mysterious portals that allowed her to travel to distant worlds. She dreamt of worlds beyond the stars and consumed a story each day as a child. She was a teen when she began to write stories, plays, and create games. She hasn’t stopped. A Los Angeles-based writer, with a love of science fiction and tales with supernatural themes, she was captivated by story as a girl. Her obsession with story, myth, fairy tales, symbols, and language, and related creative writing and screenwriting education have prepared her for diverse storytelling opportunities. Currently, she is in Wales, in the United Kingdom, as a Swansea University Creative Writing research programme Ph.D. student. During that program, she will write a science-fiction feature film screenplay about the Elon Musk colony on Mars while completing updated writing flow creative process investigation as part of a practice-led screenwriting research doctorate.

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What Clients Say

I have to tell I am totally happy with your corrections, it’s a great job… you get me… that’s all THANKS!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I know I’m repeating myself, but it’s such a great job!

Anonymous Screenwriter, action road trip feature film script ghostwritten line edit

H. is one of those writers you pray for… She is first a GREAT writer who listens to notes and delivers fast, concise results. And last she brings her uniqueness to the job which helps you clarify different voices in your writing. I would hire H. in no time for additional jobs.

Your edit continues to amaze and delight me. I worked till late last night and hope to finish it today. If I haven’t said it lately, I’ll say it again, you are amazing! I greatly appreciate the work and care you put into it, it’s greatly benefiting the book. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

H is a pleasure to work with, she is concise, works quickly and is a consummate professional — highly collaborative, she has the unique and rare ability to provide honest, creative insight and input and at the same time is completely receptive to story notes and creative feedback. In short… she rocks!


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