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H. Raven Rose bleeds ink. She is a screenwriter, author, freelance writer, creative coach, shamanic practitioner, award-winning speaker and workshop facilitator. She received her Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Screenwriting from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, and wrote her thesis in Screenwriting on how to access "Word Flow," AKA write the maximum number of pages daily while enjoying the process. She edits, book doctors or ghost writes for a number of other writers and has written and edited screenplays, reality and other TV pitch and leave behind documents, one-sheets, synopsis, treatments, query letters, plays, books, eBooks, PR, corporate video scripts, web copy, children's books, memoir, articles, blog posts, and much more. H. taught advanced screenwriting coursework (at the Creative Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles and for Scriptwriters Network, on the CBS Radford Lot, on topics including “Break through Writers Block,” “Alternative Story Development for Screenwriters,” “Screenwriting from Both Sides of the Brain,” and more). Learn more about H.'s training, education, and experience, HERE. Find her online here» Amazon Author PageIMDb | Goodreads.

Books, Screenplays, and more...

Help with Ghost Writing

  • Experienced ghost writer (NDA always used).
  • Specialist in non-fiction and fiction ghostwriting.
  • Expertise in .mobi, ePUB, and CreateSpace formats.

Help with Screenwriting

  • My undergraduate degree is in Screenwriting.
  • I work in Final Draft and can ghost write or co-write your script.
  • Past film production work means I get the page to stage relationship.

Help with Editing

  • Experienced developmental editor with emphasis on word flow.
  • Carefully edit content for word flow, word usage, as well as structure.
  • Expertise in correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation (US).

Books, eBooks, Screen and Stage Plays+

  • I've written in almost every medium, from books to web copy.
  • I've written books, eBooks, screen or stage plays in most genres.
  • Memoir is my fave lit genre; screenwriting is my magnificent obsession.

Client ♡

I have to tell I am totally happy with your corrections, it’s a great job… you get me… that’s all THANKS!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I know I’m repeating myself, but it’s such a great job!

Anonymous, Screenwriter

Action Screenplay Ghostwritten Line Edit


  • Passion for and ongoing study of fiction and non-fiction oral and written storytelling and story structure.
  • Depth understanding and continued study of narrative structure (hero/heroine's journey, acts, scenes, character arcs, sub-text).
  • Experience writing non fiction, YA, comedy, sci-fi, romantic comedy, horror, drama, contemporary fiction, memoir, and much more.
  • Formal education in screen and play writing, creative writing (including children's book writing), and filmmaking (including documentary).
  • Collaborater experienced in working with producers, directors, and one or more co-writers in person, in Hollywood, or via Skype, phone and email.

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