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ET Dreams

She entered the extraterrestrial realities through her quantum dream portals. She experienced branching alternate realities, creating infinitely, each night in her dreamtime. Beams of light, pulsing magenta rays, accompanied by exquisite bell-like tones, activated her temporal regions. Tryll, tryll, tryll. Res...



Escaping Xel

The shimmering aura before her was indeed sublime. Apparently, the creature was a human female. The Android found himself obsessively scanning her repeatedly. Her frequency was breathtaking. Most AI were oblivious to the human energy spectrum. It was his illegal biomech that allowed his hardware to perceive the pu...


The star map reveals a path to wisdom of the ancients. Energies of the ancients, pulsing from remote intergalactic locations, awaken the frequencies of ascension from within your nervous system. Molecules ripple as emotional, mental, and energetic quanta vibrate....

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