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I would rather put my hand in the fire than send in a script without having Sheila Gallien read it. Sheila has made every script I’ve written in the last six years much stronger, more dramatic, and much more successful. She is that rarest of rarities: a careful, vigilant, constructive critic.

~William Broyles, Jr.


Sheila Gallien, http://sheilagallien.biz/

My friend Sheila Gallien, über talented story and script consultant, former assistant to top screenwriter Bill Broyles, Jr. (the guy whose screenplays include the Robert Zemeckis-directed Cast Away and The Polar Express, Ron Howard’s Apollo 13, Clint Eastwood’s Flags Of Our Fathers and Sam Mendes’ Jarhead, and also the fabu TV series China Beach, which he co-created), is having a *FREE* webinar for screenwriters! Woohoo~*

Sheila is really great at helping writers with accessing the heart of their story so that they can get that onto the page. This webinar is for anyone, even if you’ve never written a screenplay or if you’ve written twenty.

Sheila Gallien Screenplay Consulting PRESENTS:

“How YOU Can Find the Tools and TALENT to WRITE the SCREENPLAY You Always Wanted To Write! (Whether or Not You Have Written One Before…)”

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Sheila Gallien Bio

Sheila Gallien acted as the assistant and development muse for six years for Academy Award-nominated screenwriter William Broyles, Jr., during more than 100 drafts of Cast Away, and countless more of Planet of the Apes, Unfaithful, Entrapment, and other ambitious and inspired screenplays that never made it the screen.  She has been in creative meetings with actors Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta Jones, directors Jonathan Demme, Antoine Fuqua, Robert Zemeckis, and Adrian Lyne, studio head Elizabeth Gabler (Life of Pi) and producers Lynda Obst, Rhonda Tollefson, and the unsung heroes, the producing partners and junior executives of these powerful creatives.  She worked as a literary agent’s assistant at Creative Artists Agency for an agent who serviced directors, producers, actors and writers, so was privy to the packaging of films from every element.  While at CAA she absorbed the story process from a creative and marketing perspective, and summarized and created meeting notes for in-house pitch sessions for Dustin Hoffman, Goldie Hawn, Oliver Stone, Francis Coppola, Brad Pitt and many others.  She studied Theater Arts, creative writing and literary criticism; her first gig as a dramaturg was with the San Francisco Mime Troupe at a Summer Arts college program.  She has been putting together and taking apart stories for a really long time, and, over the years, has consulted for professional writers and production companies, including Bill Broyles, the writers of Hysteria, contest winners and amateurs of all levels.  In her own writing she has been hired as a screenwriter, has an agent, has had multiple script options, has had stars and directors attached to her work, and knows that everything takes forever but it is SO worth it.  Her recent inspiration to teach how to build stories from the inside comes after years of deconstruction, and the observation that stories fall apart if they are not connected to their creators.

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